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Mytron & Ofofo

Mytron & Ofofo are Jacek Janiszewski and Sasa Crnobrnja. The originally London based duo met through their residencies in Peckham and Hackney. They soon found common ground in combing vintage gear with modern production tools and create an eclectic fusion which draws from world music, electro and disco. Their sound straddles opposing polarities, merging organics and synthetics, joining traditional textures with futuristic finish.

M&O just released sample-licious EP's on Multi Culti and Les Yeux Orange that also feature original vocals, tightly programmed beats with raw analog synths.

Noisy but clean, rough but smooth, soft and crunchy. Their DJ sets contain mad-cap multicultural disco funk and house, cybernetic weirdness and italo-inflected electro to get the braindance party started. This duos fine fusion is a psychedelic journey through the groove, pausing for stopovers in rainforest rhythm, intergalactic electro and otherworldly Afro-house.

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