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Sophie Le Meillour

Born in Toulouse in 1988, she lives and works in Geneva. In the form of drawings, photos, videos and installations, she develops an immersive and dreamlike work of her own, which she confronts and willingly hybridises to the musical or visual work of other artists through live performance or exhibitions. Textures are at the heart of her experiences. Sophie explores the different layers of our aesthetic perception of the natural world and collects images, which she transforms into new visual entities. It defies traditional artistic dichotomies like organic versus artificial art and analog versus digital. In her work, she raises questions about how we view nature's ideas as abstract, inviting us to question them and absorb alternative visions.

With her performances, Sophie exhibited in many places such as at Mapp_Mtl in Montreal, LaVallée de l’image in Brussels, YOYO – Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Urban Spree in Berlin, Time Warp in Mannheim, Knockdown Center in NYC, also in Australia and Ecuador. It's with a lot of happiness that Sophie is coming back to Lethargy festival this year.


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