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Lukas Truniger

Lukas Truniger is a digital artist and musician, originally from Zurich, but works and lives in Lille in northern France. He engages in the areas of multimedia installations, sculptural objects, performances and the creation of new musical instruments. He is fascinated by complexity and intangible processes in nature as well as in society, like emergence, language and (artificial) intelligence. For the exploration of their inherent aesthetics he applies self-made code and circuits, hacked tools, misused instruments and objects of mass consumption. His work establishes singular experiences challenging the modalities of perception.

His installations and performances have been shown internationally in the framework of various exhibitions and festivals, amongst others: Mapping Festival in Geneva, Mirage Festival in Lyon (F), Burning Man 2018 (US), Dark Circuits Festival in New York (US), Variation Media Art Fair in Paris (F), Sonica in Glasgow (UK), International Digital Arts Biennal (BIAN) in Montreal (CA), International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Hong Kong, PrixCube in Paris (F), Festival 100% in Paris (F), Marrakech Biennale (MA) and E-Fest in Tunis (TN).